Family Stress Test

We spent 2008 and 2009 trying to protect your wealth from
the market meltdown. Others weren’t that lucky. U.S.investors lost more than
6 trillion dollars—everything from college money to retirement cash.
And the worst may not be over.

That’s why Larrea Wealth Manangement has
introduced the Family Index Stress Test. This exclusive new tool will help
investors see how their portfolios stack up under various economic scenarios.

We know these are very stressful times. We also know buying stock, holding onto it,
and hoping for positive returns, will no longer cut it.
The Family Index Stress Test is critical for people who have money in the market.
Remember—hope is not a strategy.

Who do you know who needs a second opinion? We would be happy to stress test their portfolio.

Give Larrea Wealth Management a call.